Momma's Morning Cup With Quinn Menier

Mom and Business; How She Did It! with Jamie Trull

July 12, 2021 Quinn Menier with Jamie Trull Season 1 Episode 21
Momma's Morning Cup With Quinn Menier
Mom and Business; How She Did It! with Jamie Trull
Show Notes

I had the pleasure of interviewing Financial Literacy coach Jamie Trull. Our conversation was very insightful as I have been watching Jamie's journey for the last 2 years give or take.

 Jamie Trull is a Financial Literacy Coach and Profit Strategist who helps business owners understand the finance side of their business so that they can make and KEEP more money.

Prior to becoming an online entrepreneur, Jamie spent her career rising in the ranks of Finance Leadership in the Coca-Cola System. After leaving the Corporate world in search of a more balanced and fulfilling life, Jamie leveraged her background and her CPA designation to serve women-owned businesses as a Virtual CFO. Recognizing that there was a lack of truly accessible and understandable financial education resources for small business owners, Jamie pivoted her business toward creating resources to help fill that gap and impact more people. Today Jamie has helped thousands of business owners feel more confident about their finances through her resources and programs. 

As you will hear in this episode, I have nothing but appreciation and respect for the mission that Jamie has set out on to educate women business owners and how she saved myself and several thousand other women financially during the covid-19 pandemic. She continues to inspire and teach online financial literacy to those of us who have side hustles, full-time businesses and also connecting women to other women in the finance space who may not have a business and are looking for personal finance tips and strategies. 

I do want to apologize for my side of the conversation because it seems that I was having some internet connection issues that I didn’t realize until after we recorded our conversation and that’s okay because I promised you this show is real life and that’s what you get with me! After you listen to this week’s episode I would be appreciative if you followed the show, screenshot yourself listening and tag me on social media and review when listening to apple podcasts. Help us reach more women in the arena with us.

Key Takeaways from this episode;

  • Take Action and Try Things.
  • It's best to start a business with cash.
  • It's okay to help people without shaming them.

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